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Police your Property
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:34:36 am »
There has been a considerable increase in people reporting problems on the embankments backing to their property, according to reports from the NYPA, especially since the hammering of sheet sheets into the Oxbow Embankment Dam has alerted neighbors to the fact that the dam is potentially dangerous.
If your property does back onto a dam or you live under ones shadow, then you can be your first line of defense against a breach or a problem.

Bearing in mind that few, if any inspections, have been done in the past 75 years, and it is very difficult to traverse these slopes because of the overgrown state, but close and regular scrutiny is critical.

Here is a diagram of many of the problems a Canal Watch Walker is likely to encounter.

If you think you spot a problem, please phone the  NYPA immediately and report it. If you can discover the GPS position on a Smartphone, so much the better.
Mark the area with a flag or ribbon, but please don't do anything yourself. Get the experts in to look at the problem

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