Author Topic: Erie Canal Clean Sweep Days - Oxbow Loop Trail 26-29th April  (Read 27 times)

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Canal Clean Sweep Days 26-29th April

The ECNA is hosting a clean sweep weekend for the Oxbow Trail, Fairport's newest addition to its trail system.

We're at stage two of the restoration of this beautiful little corner of Fairport. 
Our main project is the removal of brush and weeds along either side of the trail and off the shoreline to enhance the views.
Helpers need to wear long pants, and gloves. Tools are rakes, saws, (some chain saws to cut up fallen branches), weed whackers, and even a wheel barrow or two would help.

Our objective it to remove the overgrown vegetation from the path, and pile up the debris along the trail edge. The Canal Corp will come by at a later stage and mulch up all the piles.

We also want to clear out all the brush and logs from the old original canal at the Erie Crescent end. This will involve getting a bit damp methinks, as it's rather soggy there.

If you'd like to help, please email me at to get Workers Comp Insurance forms and even a free Canal Parks & Trails T shirt.
The photo shows the trail and some of the piles we've already accumulated.  There's lots more to be done.

I also have good news about the bridge that got washed out. The CC have two I beams they are going to span the stream with, then plank it for pedestrian use, and the occasional CC vehicle.

If you can't physically help, yet would like to do something, maybe you'd like to help us financially? A $5 or $10 donation would help pay for the area to be brush-hog mowed after the Canal Corp has done their mulching work.

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