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Fairport Losers
« on: May 01, 2021, 05:39:23 am »
Yes, they live amongst us!

For three days in a row some not so bright spark (dog owner) has decided that rather than take their dog's crap home, they'll leave it for the Oxbow Volunteers to pick it up. Very rude to say the least.

Our Oxbow Trail NY Parks & Trails volunteer crew spent last weekend cleaning up logs, twigs and other garbage from the Oxbow, much of it remnants of the previous cottage owners. There are piles of it all along the trail, waiting to be collected.

It's a thoughtless, disgraceful thing to leave this for these volunteers to pick up.
It would be better if the poo was left alone, as long as it wasn't actually on the trail. A Rain storm, of which we have plenty) soon washes it away. But left in a bag it just stays there, waiting for some poor soul to tread on it. Was it too much for you to handle, a dog leash and a bag of poo?

Look dumbo!  If you've gone to the trouble of bagging Rover's poo, surely, you can struggle home with it... respect the Park Please!

Maybe we should place a few cameras around?

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