Author Topic: A European twist on IF You Get Covid, what to do!  (Read 570 times)

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Came across this work by a local SUNY Brockport graduate that shows how the current Covid 19 Pandemic is just another "deja vu" for the Rochester area.

The Rochester community has been here before folks, back in 1918, and if you read this Thesis Paper by Daniel Cody from 2010 you just might learn something new, and also see how even back then people tried to minimize the pandemic for various reasons and also spread dis-information on how it stated and where is came from.

Here's a link to the Thesis work, and it is worth the read. We have permission from the author to use this work and share it

This article will catch your attention...right from the introduction.

Of special note is the fact that back in 1918 the Federal level only made "suggestions" as well, on how to battle this pandemic. They were caught between the issues of the day, mostly World War 1 related, and keeping the public focused on meeting the needs of industry trying to keep pace with the war effort. They placed more emphasis back then on the economic impact, not the social devastation happening around them.

But one thing was for sure: wearing masks was encouraged, and in smaller communities it was mandated... and no one argued against is.

For those wondering, I've highlighted a couple Thesis sections that told how the NY Erie Canal played a role in spreading the virus, as it was still being used as a transportation mode for many in the country. And similar to today, the 1918 pandemic also affected the progress of the "new, improved NYS Barge Canal, that was being rerouted out of the Downtown area to a place where it could cross level with the Genesee River.

In the end Mr. Cody makes some very good statements about how Rochester made it through this global pandemic. I've highlighted a few here but there are so many parallels between this first 1918 Influenza virus and our current Covid 19 virus, that my post wouldn't fit all the others that could be shared.

Again, this thesis work is a good read, and if the readers understand that the War Effort was just a distraction that overshadowed this difficult medical emergency our City went through then, they can see that Covid had the same issues... others wanted to minimize the pandemic for "political reasons" in 1918 and 2020.

It would be interesting if Mr. Cody were to do an epilog for this piece, looking at today's Covid pandemic, with his wide ranging knowledge of the past pandemic of 1918 in Rochester.

Would he have discussed how many people now seem to be fighting AGAINST the notion of quarantine and facemasks?

Would he tell the tale of how Federal Governments in both eras that tried to "play down" the virus simply because it might affect other "more important" things like supporting a war, or a presidents' campaign schedule?

Would he mention that in 1918 the public read the names of each victim of the Influenza pandemic in their local newspaper, which made it more personal to many than just hearing about "case numbers" that people can't relate to?

It's been said time and time again about history... learn from it or you will probably repeat it.

I for one, hope this country never has to repeat it's Covid 19 experience, which has only shown how "ununited" this country has become lately. But I do hope that the people watching Covid 19 take their loved ones away have learned how badly they were failed by a Federal Government that seemed more concerned about it's impact on only one United States citizen.. the one that was supposed to lead us through it.

And I hope they voice their displeasure with the Federal Covid Response using their Vote, in exactly one week from Today.

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