Author Topic: Brockport Bridgegate? Park Ave Lift Bridge is Up Until Monday AM.  (Read 14 times)

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It seems the Park Avenue Lift Bridge, E-181, in Brockport is closed until Monday Morning...and are some local residents upset.

There is no Canal Notice to Mariners, because any boat traffic can actually pass more easily with one of the two Village lift bridges left up. The NYS Canal Corporation Bridge Operator doesn't have to run back and forth between them, which is the norm.

The bad part, this unannounced Lift Bridge closure coincides with the Brockport Main St Sidewalk Sale Weekend.

Now someone might think that if something was actually wrong with the bridge the NYS Dept of Transportation would place a notice on their website..we looked..nothing there.

Again, no work is happening, it's just stopped operation in the "up" position, to allow more boat travel to pass, but stopping traffic on the east side of the Village, and shutting off the EASIEST route to "avoid Main St", and that Sidewalk Sale.

And those living anywhere NORTH of the Canal, well they have to "take the long way home" so to speak.

So did Mayor Blackman ask or order the NYS Canal Corporation to have Bridge E181, Lifted & Left UP just to increase Main St traffic for the sale?

That will be the question that many in Brockport, and the surrounding area, will be asking.

Seems like the Brockport Residents living on the Northeast O-District got the short end of this stick.

And some residents are now wondering if the newly re-elected Brockport Mayor, has the best interest of "all" the Village in mind, or only those South of the Erie Canal.

Will this be another Bridgegate?

I'm sure the deflection will be that boat traffic was made easier...for the 12 - 15 boats that may have stopped in Brockport.

What do you think?

This is all we could find...from the Brockport Village Website

But normally the NYSCC would issue a NTM, Notice To Mariners stating why the bridge was up and insure boaters know to use a "No Wake Zone" speed if they travel near that bridge.

I know it's the Erie Canal...but something smells fishy here...
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