Author Topic: Can You Spot the Difference between Cleared & Uncleared Embankments  (Read 40 times)

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Everyone talking about the Embankment Integrity Program along the NYS Canal Systems  in a negative light seems to focus on trees and how "devasating" the affect was to nature and the views along the Canal Trail and Waterway.

Well there seems to be a BIG difference between what those fighting this NY Canals public safety project imagine compared to the reality after clearing.

Take a look at the map view below of Work Zone 30 Embankment from Redman Rd headed west.

You can see where the map is marked between the area cleared and uncleared.

Now let's  look at that same area in a photograph from the waterway.

Did you see any devastation?

Did you see where nature had been turned upside down?

Could you even see where the trees next to the trail started and ended with the space cleared from Embankment 29 Rehabilitation?

The reality is much different than the hype that has been created calling this Embankment Dam Repair a "clear cutting". The canal is not being stripped clean of trees, only the trees causing unsafe embankments are being removed... nothing more.