Author Topic: Canal Neighbors ask: When will they drain the Erie Canal for the season?  (Read 40 times)

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The answer is, they already have in many places. Here's a picture from Perinton at the Oxbow Lake

And this is what the Erie Canal looks like today in Brockport.

Here's a panoramic view along the Brockport East Embankment Dam

So why is the Erie Canal still full west of Rochester and empty in Pittsford, Perinton, Fairport or Brighton you ask?

Could it be because of all the unsafe Earthen Embankments that those towns still do not want to clear? Nope.

Could it be the miles of unsafe embankments that were cleared west of Rochester means it can stay open? Nope.

Could it be because it's Reimagine the Canals time again in western NY?
You bet.

It's the Fall Fishing Reimagine program keeping the Canal full on the westside these days. It's actually the final week of canal water releases into the streams that cross the canal and make their way to Lake Ontario. Word is that this program is a BIG HIT. Fisherman from all over are pulling 20lb salmon from the shores of creeks in Holley and Oak Orchard.

The Reimagine Fishing program has been so good that the Governor of NY has just started a program that will PAY property owners along the 5 major creeks being filled, for use of their land for public fishing and also to insure the streambanks are managed best for fisherman and fish as well.

And now of course the NYS Canal Corporation has also achieved a few important milestones for their Canal System Operation with this Reimagine the Canals effort:

1) The NYS Canal System and main canal is now filled longer than they are empty every calendar year, due in part to their emphasis on "safe operation" of the canal system.

2) They now are working to comply with NYS DEC and their Dam Owner Guidelines, as well as spearheading was to become better environmental stewards of the Erie Canal National Heritage corridor, with Canal Embankment Integrity programs, and filling streams to allow fish the opportunity to migrate better.

And it looks like the western section should start draining soon after December 13, when the last of the water is used to fill the fall fishing streams.

After that it's on the the next round of Winter activities like clearing and restoring canal embankments, to performing major repairs to Locks, Guard Gates, and inspecting other canal structures for issues.

Here's why the Canal is emptied each season, and also what happens top all that water

Where does the Canal Water Go?

Why does the NYS Barge Canal get Drained?
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