Author Topic: Annual Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour passes Brockport  (Read 67 times)

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Annual Cycle the Erie Canal Bike Tour passes Brockport
« on: July 08, 2019, 02:20:01 pm »
The Cycle the Erie Bike Tour passed by today in Brockport... so the ECNA decided to do a voice of the customer survey on the Trail

Just two questions is all we need to know if the "customer" likes the new improved safer Dam & Trail

These folks from Albany stopped to get a Survey Card

And these folks grabbed a survey link as well...

And even Dylan from NY Parks & Trails Adopt a Trail Program stopped by to chat

Hopefully the VOICE of the Erie Canal Trail user, especially the bikers will be heard... perhaps their voice will even reach the Stop the Canal ClearCut group who is still insisting on leaving the Erie Canal untouched.

The STCC says they represent the typical "trail user that wants the old, unsafe, tree-lined dams to stay.

Of the 450+ people the ECNA spoke with this morning, 325 took our survey card (all we had printed) and told us they LOVED the new look, the safe and more scenic trails... almost all said it was much better than they can ever remember.

Almost all liked the changes and I do want to mention those few exceptions... it was only 4 people.

Yes, a whole 1% of the people passing by said they liked the old view. Funny thing is though, they had STCC "Shade is Cool" t-shirts on or they were part of the STCC group and steered clear of the poll I offered, they seemed to know me by

One of the riders was a leader of the Stop the Canal ClearCut group, Ms. Ginny Maier, who had decided to ride with the Bike Tour back to her hometown of Fairport. She had a friend in tow...and both declined to take a suvey ticket but we see they are the two lone votes for the "old view" on our ECNA Website.

All in all another great day for a bike ride or walk along the Canal..appreciate the new views...and have some fun.

Sadly not everyone enjoyed the view of safer dams, a more scenic trail & canal... and plenty of sunshine for a nice Erie Canal sun tan.
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