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Even the original 1818 Erie Canal had almost NO trees on it's Embankments


Doug K:
People around Rochester, especially those on the East Side, keep saying that large trees and invasive plants have "always" grown along the Erie  Canal. Have to say that old paintings & engraving work proves that theory all wrong. Once again the truth is simple; even back when the Erie Canal was first built, those who knew better kept it clear of any vegetation that may have caused a safety issue or would eventually weaken the waterway system.

So these are NOT too far off from where they should be... just a little grass needed

Doug K:
Old Erie Canal images are all over the Internet, but one place that has collected quite a few into one website is this one:

Looking for people to post the "before & after" pictures for locations they can find along their own stretch of the Erie, find the early 1920s picture of your own spillways & culverts or embankments and then take the 2019 version and post to the ECNA.

That could be an interesting way to forward a list of "other places that need safety restoration" to the NY Canal Corporation. They could spend a little money continuing their plan to turn back time on the Erie Canal a hundred years, just like the embankment program is.


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