Author Topic: Here's a Facebook website worth visiting, all about the Erie Canal  (Read 18 times)

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Sometimes the Erie Canal Neighbors Association gets a bad rap, for picking on a "certain Facebook group" that we will leave unnamed in this post.

Some new ECNA members, who have seen the light and stopped listening to those opposing Canal Infrastructure work on Facebook, have stated that we appear to have a bias towards Facebook...not so.

The truth is that when there is something of value to Canal Neighbors found on Facebook we would share it, and up until TODAY, we haven't found much out there, but we also don't look to hard,

This one fell in our lap, so to speak. Go and take a look.

And it's a pretty good Facebook Group, that seems to center on the history surrounding the Erie Canal, both version 1 and version 2 & 3. It is very different than the "other one" we have been discussing here, and we may promote them a bit more for those who travel along the NYS Canal System.

This group has a line on some of the more interesting sites to see, here's a recent post

And just take a look at that membership number... almost 12K with a group that is about 1 year old... great job.