Author Topic: New Look to the Erie Canal Neighborhood, take a peek, tell us what you think.  (Read 18 times)

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Still learning about this Forum business and running a website, old tricks. Finally figured out how to add icon buttons to the Forum, looks better and serves a purpose.

Also have streamlined the Forum Board view, moved a few boards around for members and cleaned up the Guest view and capabilities within the web forum. Tell us what you think... we see HUNDREDS viewing the posts, so mostly guests, but few if any leave a post or comment. Sadly the way these Forums really work is when EVERYONE contributes.

This ECNA Forum is a tool for any and all Erie Canal Neighbors to use.  Many use it now while the Erie Canal is being repaired and people are interested in that work. It will also serve the rest of NY State eventually as the NY Canal Corporation pushes the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program along, clearing unsafe Embankments and returning the Erie Canal to a safer version of itself. Hopefully as the EEIP Program moves along East, more New Yorkers will contribute to the discussion, for the most part it appears the Rochester area "division" prevented that on the EERP project work.

Tell us if you like the new changes