Author Topic: Planting more trees may not be good for the planet.  (Read 15 times)

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This isn't the only article on this topic. It seems that a huge re-forestation project, that planted MORE trees annually than were harvested, isn't having the expected affect on the Carbon Issue or adding any significant Oxygen levels back to the earth. It sounds good but in practice the facts are much different than what this STCC group has been saying on their Facebook site.

If they are wanting to stop something that is harming the Erie Canal, they should stop their distortion of the truth about Embankment Dam Safety.

And another article on the famous "Million Tree" campaign in the Rain forest, that had less than stellar results.

But it really doesn't matter in the end, the STCC Leaders will simply change the narrative, twist the truth and try and convince everyone that "All Trees are Good". It's been that way for two years, no way they will abandon the biggest lie they tell themselves.

Sadly they can't comprehend that trees making embankment dams unsafe are not really that good, especially for human beings living close by. Too bad this group cares little about that species safety, instead these danger trees rank hire in their order, and squirrels as well.

It's still about safety, public safety around a canal system that is 100 years old, has a 100 miles of unsafe earthen dams looming over 70% of New York State population living within a few miles of the waterway and it's huge safety problems.

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