Author Topic: The Coronavirus Covid 19 Pandemic is No Hoax - Check the Numbers  (Read 47 times)

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Because some of you wanted to know.. here's another look at Covid from the perspective of the entire world. Because in the end it's always good to look at anything with something that has been lost in our Country lately... that is Perspective.

Anyone that says OUR country has done a good job fighting this pandemic is a fool who has lost all perspective, or refuses to acknowledge facts.

Here's the latest Covid Numbers from one of the several Covid Tracking websites out there, it's called World-ometer and keeps a critical perspective needed for a pandemic like Covid, what a given country or states POPULATION is.

In the USA we have had almost 230,000 deaths now from this virus... that amounts to over 691 deaths per million inhabitants of our country

For Saint Lucia and Barbados that death total would be almost 100% their entire country's population, along with over 40 other smaller countries being tracked for Coronavirus.

Perspective tells us that the size of the country, and the amount of people who live in that country will have a roll in understanding Covid data.

So let's look at the Covid numbers by Country, looking from most populated down... once again the numbers for the United States show the true tale. The response of the Leadership in Washington DC, at the FEDERAL level has been poor at best, but borders on pure neglection and dereliction of duty when compared to other countries fighting the EXACT same virus.

Now as an Data Analyst & Engineer I could show quite a few more data views, maybe a few graphs thrown in for good measure. Some would like it, some would say "boring". But NOTHING that I could do will change the simple fact that the United States has performed the WORST of most global countries with over 20 million people. There are SIXTY countries in that list... all with over 20 million inhabitants.

And the United States of America ranks LAST in performance against this pandemic compared to the rest of the world.

Successfully fighting against the Covid Crisis in this country has been hampered by only one thing.. a lack of UNITY.

No united response to the pandemic by each state, no united message or plan by Mr. Trump and his administration. In fact this country can't even agree about mask wearing or whether we measure the impact of a national pandemic using death rates or dollar signs... how sad.

How ironic for a country who used to pride itself on that simple word... unity. We used to feel so strongly that when we started this democracy our country was named itself after the meaning of that word...the United States of America.

No one could have said it better than this person.. watch the video

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