Author Topic: Lost cats & dogs - p00p!  (Read 29 times)

Michael Caswell

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Lost cats & dogs - p00p!
« on: October 18, 2020, 07:44:38 am »
It's so exciting these days on Nextdoor!

So many lost pets, so much dog poop problems and now everyone is moaning about political signs.

Important stuff, like floods and dam safety aren't allowed, or discussed.

This Nextdoor Forum 'service' is really a joke these days.

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Doug K

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This is a pretty crappy subject to tackle, let's see if we can take a load of everyone's mind about this topic... lol

To Mike's point, with all of the "really" important issues going on all around us these days, it seems like the Nextdoor Social Forum is a service that has never really been in touch with what' really matters to our communities. unless it's about lost kittens or dog poo.

I will just show the highlight of this Nextdoor post to confirm that last comment:

And it that's not bad enough, that same topic also seems to extend to another online social applications that apparently has the same issue as Nextdoor, way too many people who are full of poop, or others who are just plain tired of the crap that happens along Erie Canal communities everyday.

Can someone explain why this Nextdoor social media website is so popular when they tend to limit most conversation to this sort of topic, even when shown that there are so many more problems that need to be discussed in our communities?

Problems like the huge issue with Fairport & Pittsford's lack of diversity, in an age of protest over rampant racism and Black Lives Matter movement. It appears dog poo is more important that rampant racism.

Or maybe like how a Facebook group, centered in Perinton, is fighting against the safety of Erie Canal Neighbors living below unsafe embankments and no one in that community tries to correct them? It seems keeping trees safe is more important that the safety of the public or communities along the Erie Canal.

Or maybe discuss how a President & Federal Government would rather see it's citizens die from a pandemic, than take a stand to curb it with public safety policies that work. Picking up stray cats is discussed quite often on Nextdoor instead of conversations supporting good mask wearing policies.

But lets' just ignore all this controversial "stuff" and continue these inane conversations about dog poop, rude pet owners, and lost kittens wandering the streets of our neighborhoods, after all Nextdoor management wouldn't want to "offend" someone by discussing topics of importance to the greater public at large.

Mr. Caswell, some folks do understand the point trying to be made here, and others who don't, well they may never understand. It seems this statement holds true once again for many:

Sometimes the worst culprit in this divisive world we share is simple, it's plainly people who just don't know what they don't know...

I feel your pain sir, but have you found any lost kittens in Fairport or Perinton today?

Because that's what Nextdoor is for... lost kitten tracking by people who may have lost their own way in Life
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