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Updates to the ECNA Forum Site Counter
« on: October 03, 2019, 09:45:03 am »
The ECNA has fixed some issues with our site counter recently. It was tracking Users very well for login & use but not guests. After making a few changes on our counter setup, and what constitutes an ECNA "visit" we think we have the issues resolved,

Immediately we saw a jump in Guest Counts that matched the activity on some of our recent posts... good news and bad.

Why does this counter matter to the ECNA and all of us?

Well it appears many more guest come and go on our site, A LOT more than we thought. So we know the word is getting out about Erie Canal Safety. We also see that many of our Members and Guests do not get into the conversation. We think public safety matters, and keeping people in the dark about it seems contrary to the public's benefit. But that is what seems to be going on here.

We are wondering why Members & Guest are only READING and not WRITING here... and we asking for your input, once again. Please leave a reply if you can to help us understand what's needed to get more Erie Canal Neighbors involved.

Is it too hard to leave a message or post on the ECNA Forum as a guest?


October 4: We found a couple settings for some Forum Boards that didn't allow guests to post New Topics, only post to existing ones, we think we fixed that. We also added a default Guest Email that can be used by those who want to remain anonymous:

Verified the new Daily Stats issue was corrected. It now acts like a Daily Forum User counter, sort of...
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