Author Topic: Yet ANOTHER car ends up in the Erie Canal, a total of FOUR in 2021, what's up?  (Read 35 times)

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Lots of activity in Brockport in the wee hours of a rainy night. A car reportedly went into the Erie Canal in Brockport, at the north end of Owens Rd and E. Canal Rd. It's a very well lit intersection, with all roads having to stop, so how a car managed to run off the road, some 80 feet into the canal, is a mystery.

A Brockport neighbor reported that all car inhabitants all got out safely when it happened, he was awoken by the noise of the crash.

And here's a video of the scene from this morning as the teams assembled along the Erie Canal in Brockport.

The NYS DEC Spill response team was here, along with the Scuba Team from the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept.

The divers went in to locate the vehicle and mark it with a rope, and then the winch was moved into place to extract the car from the canal.

Shot this video of the submerged car coming up out of the Erie Canal water after about an hour or so of prep work.

And now this most recent incident brings the count to FOUR cars in the Erie Canal this year... well to be fair, the DRIVERS of the car are the ones who put them there.

Here's the news stories on the other 3

And here's a another from 2019 where the driver wasn't so fortunate...

So what's going on here with this recent rash of local DRIVERS and these Erie Canal Collisions?

Could it be something in the water, or is it just careless driving? Surely there is an opportunity for "yet to be created" solution here...

Perhaps the NYS Canal Corporation should start to consider emptying water out of the channel and replacing it with sponge foam, like a huge cushion top mattress.

Or maybe it could be filled with those small colorful plastic balls like we see at Chuckie Cheese, that would make it easier to find wayward drivers and their cars.

And for those in the local area, thinking that maybe more "trees" might have helped prevent these cars from going into the canal; if trees had been here, in this instance (and any other), it's more likely that the car inhabitants would have been seriously injured or lost their lives on IMPACT with all that woody vegetation, including tree trunks..

They would not have had a "narrow escape" after running into anything on their way to the water...tree, wall, railing...anything hard and immovable.

But that takes some amount of common sense to understand

Anyways, thanks to all of the First Responders who once again had to answer the call, and lend a hand cleaning up the mess. Monroe County Sheriffs, local; Brockport Police, and those two brave scuba divers who battled the rain and cold to locate the car as the bottom of the Erie in Brockport this morning

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