Do you agree with the reasons for Top Planting this 1/2 mile section of the Embankment Dam Barrier?

6 (85.7%)
1 (14.3%)

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Author Topic: Brockport's Erie Canal "East Dam" Barrier Restoration EERP Planting has Limitations.  (Read 66 times)

Doug K

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Been looking at the EERP Restoration Phase Handout, and also the updated Google Maps that shows cleared Erie Canal Embankments, and it appears some neighborhoods may only get ONE choice for barrier planting.. at the TOP of the Embankment along the Erie Canal Trail (ECT). It's just a matter of space... there isn't much of it for some sections like the one shown in this picture.

This neighborhood is on a bend  of the Erie Canal, just east of Brockport village, and has many newer homes mixed into neighborhoods that also have houses that were built in the 1800s. These are the closest homes to the dam, and some have barely 50' between their property and the ECT... the reason why the Canal Corporation said they needed a Restoration Phase for many areas in western end of the canal. For the most part the canal is eye level with our homes, and our canal section runs west & east, it's in full sun almost all the time.

Here's another picture of the same area and I've marked where the land the Canal Corporation owns just won't allow for a bottom planting on their own property and meet the 25' Toe of Slope setback requirement. They would have to put plants on their neighbor's yards.. and some might end up with roots hitting their basement walls.. that close.

Stands to reason that this neighborhood.. about 2600' in length, yes that is a 1/2 mile, would need to be a "Top Barrier Only" solution. That's shrubs only and also means that Canal Inspections will need to be done on the neighbor side of the barrier at some point. Further west of this neighborhood the houses tend to drift away from the Canal and have quite a bit of distance & large trees that are left standing so the need for a top barrier solution is not as strong.

This maybe what the the CHA Landscape Consulting company is also looking at when they talk about plan development.

We will have to see what the poll says.. do you agree with what is proposed here?