Do you think Brighton, Pittsford & Perinton should reconsider it's position on Erie Canal Embankment Repair?

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Author Topic: Should Pittsford, Brighton & Perinton reconsider their fight against Erie Canal Embankment Safety Pr  (Read 234 times)

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The most perplexing question on Erie Canal Earthen Embankment remediation & repair is why anyone would ignore the message of unsafe embankments from the NY Canal Corporation (NYCC) and fight against what most would consider a public safety project. It just doesn't seem right to "bite the hand that feeds you" or in this case, saves your life by fixing it's unsafe dams. No one ever fights against safety, it's called common sense.

This has been the "elephant in the room" since the Towns of Brighton, Pittsford & Perinton decided to take the NYCC to court for not filing the right "paperwork" on the original EERP Embankment Restoration Project. They convinced a judge that the Erie Canal was safe, and that the proper State Environmental forms (SEQR) were not used on the Embankment Remediation project. The Canal Corporation stated SEQR  was not necessary to the type of work being done on these aging dams and termed it a Type 2 SEQR activity. The judge ruled against that and these three towns were removed from the EERP project.

Of course 8 months later the NY Department of Environmental Conservation released a statement that the Canal Corporation was correct in their assessment and the EERP project was a Type 2 SEQR project, maintenance or emergency work on an existing flood structure. This decision also ruled against the Judge's decision but you fail to see it even mentioned in any of these three Towns or Village Websites. In fact most of the official town websites stops at their "win for the town" by stopping the "clear-cut" as they call it.

Here's what the DEC thinks about your idea of trees on Dams: https://www.dec.ny.gov/enb/20181031_not8.html

Folks, it's hardly a win as it has still left many of the residents of Brighton, Pittsford & Perinton in danger of potential flood risk. A point that the town leaders still REFUSE to acknowledge.

Maybe it's because they don't "get" the problem... so here's a few illustrations to help.

Here's some Q&A on the Erie Canal from a recent Reimagine the Canals program canal tours for contest participants

Pittsford area has one of the largest Erie Canal Embankments maybe this fact has slipped the thoughts of Town Leadership

Here's what the SCIENCE behind Canal Embankment Breaches says

And here's what the New York Canal Corporation has been saying all along about Erie Canal Embankment Safety... watch this video.


If you live in the Towns of Brighton, Pittsford, Perinton, or any Erie Canal Village or Community for that matter, and people are not understanding the Erie Canal safety issue.. please forward this ECNA Post.

If you live along the Erie Canal in a village, town, or small community and your LOCAL Leadership is not supporting the NYCC Earthen Embankment Integrity program or safety efforts along the Erie Canal... here's your chance to let your voice be heard.

Vote in this poll and let your Town Leaders know the SAFETY does matter to you and your family.
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Doug K

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For those who are unsure of where the Town Officials stand... here's the latest from the STCC and Town of Pittsford Leadership

Please make sure you read the comments from Mr. Smith, Town Supervisor...still believing "Trees on Unsafe Dams are OK" because the STCC Leadership said so
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Well! Well! Well!

What a surprise!  Ma Agte decided to reopen the STCC webpage. What an about turn!  I really can't see much point in that, because there's only about six people reading it, and it's the same drivel. 

Virginia Maier says, "Are you a scientist, like to read and think about science, or know someone who does? I'm looking for volunteers to review the literature I've collected around the question of "Are trees really a risk to the embankments of the Erie Canal?" I believe it will be really helpful to have a group of people who know the science (or lack of science) that informs the Canal Corps plans and the other evidence that speaks to this question."

I thought the STCC group were all citizen scientists? If they are looking for all these documents, here's where to go folks!

This opening of the STCC web page and a flurry of activity from the Town Supervisors, wouldn't be because of this letter I sent them a couple of days ago, would it?

Addressed to Messrs Hanna, Moehle and Smith Town Supervisors

We seem to have some problems of late with your opposition to the NYPA and this tree situation.

We’ve noticed several things-
Ms Agte’s Facebook page has gone dark, members only (which these days amounts to about six people). We have had numerous people tell us they no longer agree with their policies. Ms Agte herself has admitted to ‘giving up’ on her mission.

The Town of Perinton has lost a key player in this fiasco, under suspicious circumstances, namely Mr Barker.
The town of Perinton’s webpage has no mention of the current situation regarding the NYPA’s  EEIP program

There is no mention of the NYPA’s new program on either Pittsford or Brighton’s web pages.

If you haven’t read it, this is a good link to show how opinions have changed and why the STCC is wrong.


I am particularly disturbed that the Towns of Pittsford and Perinton have not reported the enormous amount of work that the NYPA has done to protect their citizens  from flooding by the very expensive project carried out on the Oxbow dam. The hammering in of a 210 foot run of steel sheets to a depth of 45 feet to seal a very old leaking dam, the noise was unreal, everyone heard it, and it took three weeks to accomplish. You have not reported this to your residents.  Why?  I expect it cost at least $250k to do. It was about saving the lives of the citizens YOU represent, yet you chose to ignore it. YOU IGNORED IT!  Why?


The SEQR environmental study has, thanks to the NYPA getting their act together, come full circle to bite you. Because of you and Agte, they now have a clear path which will actually stop Perinton, Brighton and Pittsford citizens from getting the preferential treatment that the western towns have already received.

The vegetation will be removed because it’s a DAM, and according to SEQR etc. there is no need for the NYPA to provide all the extra embellishments, like screenings and plantings to pacify neighbors. It’s actually saved them a ton of money.

What they will get instead, is the ability to live under an earthen embankment dam that is vegetation free, frequently inspected for problems by humans and drones, and maintained to the highest standards. They will be able to sleep well in their beds, something that would have been impossible if they had followed your direction.


Doug K

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If there is still a doubt in anyone's mind about who's supporting Erie Canal Safety and who is not... go read this posting