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After attending the last two NY State Canal Corporation meetings on the final Restoration Phase of the Earthen Embankment Repair Project, EERP for short, it has become apparent that there is still a "faint" voice of opposition to this safety project. There are STILL those trying to question the validity of the Erie Canal Embankment Safety program that has recently begun to repair the waterway system.

There were members of the Stop the Clear Cut Facebook group, at each public meeting, who are still unconvinced about the statement "Unsafe Embankment Dams" that the Canal Corp & NY Power Authority has used, describing the current state of the Canal's outboard dam slopes. The STCC folks are still discussing making "special" rules around Erie Canal Earthen Dams, refusing to accept the current Federal & State Guidelines for Earthen Embankment Dam. They fail to understand the REQUIREMENT about the woody vegetation inhibiting proper inspection of the Dam Structure from top to bottom and hold firmly to their idea that trees on dams are "helpful".

Even in light of all the information that has been provided by the NY Canal Corporation... which is been shown to be truth

Even with all the science, rules & regulations on Embankment Dams provided by the ECNA on this web forum... which supports that truth.

So if you are looking at the Erie Canal Neighbor's Association website for the first time, or are on the sidelines of this Erie Canal Repair program wanting to learn more, the very first thing that anyone has to decide is whether they believe the Erie Canal Waterway System is broken or has lost it's ability to be properly inspected for safety issues.

Please, take a  moment to look at these images of a repair going on in Albion, on the western end of the EERP project. It only stands to reason folks, that after 80 years of neglect and that many years of having the dams erode to their current state of being considered unsafe, that this new Erie Canal project would certainly uncover many opportunities to address even more safety issues on the newly uncovered Embankments.

Here's where you can find the story on this Albion repair effort on Facebook -

And here's a few pictures of the repair operation in Albion, note the narrow section of wall left while the repair is being made.

The pictures say it all... the Erie Canal is broken, in MANY places, if you only are honest enough with yourself to accept the truth.

These work site pictures appear to support the NY Canal Corporation's statements that the Erie Canal has become unsafe? Its very unlikely that NYPA of the NTCC would just start digging holes, bring in horizontal boring equipment and spend all this money for "show", or to "fake safety". This is a serious project, fixing a serious canal safety issue, and the Erie Canal is "safe & serene" as those who are against this statewide repair project would have you believe.

This is a very extensive repair operation as you can see and is exactly why the New York Power Authority authorized this Embankment Repair work. They have fully funded the overall Embankment Safety Project and are now addressing each additional safety concern with repairs being made or work being scheduled as they uncover them as part of this overall Embankment Repair project.

Many of those folks on the opposition side seems to discuss the financial side of this project, trying to infer the cost is high to taxpayers. Yep, the "cost of safety" does come with a price, just ask the Takata Airbag Company. But the NY Power Authority, who recently took ownership of the Erie Canal system has said they are "Supporting Safety 100%". They fully understand the cost of repair is far less than the cost of litigation & lawsuits for NY State if the Erie Canal flooded any of the hundreds of communities along it's path.

NYPA also supported safety in the best way possible.. with money. The NY Canal Corp received in excess of $85 Million dollars so far in 2018-2019 budget years from NYPA, much of which was to address all of the years the Canal Corporation was "starved" by the NY Thruway and unable to take care of these critical safety concerns. The Embankment safety project is FULLY FUNDED through 2020 & beyond, let's stop talking about cost of the work and be thankful that it is finally being done.

Folks this is a good project, worthy of spending NY State funds on, to insure the Erie canal lasts through the 21st century and beyond... or do nothing and watch it's embankments break, flooding many, killing some, and of course starting years and years of legal action against our state

What do you think?

Please, go and take a look at the embankment work being done... go look where it is being done... before you say there is No Erie Canal Safety Issue.

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Michael Caswell

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It's worth looking at this work the Canal Corp completed last year in Fairport.  This was a HUGE undertaking of an EMERGENCY REPAIR in a dam hazard  zone containing a school and a large apartment complex. I've always wondered why few people have mentioned it. There has certainly been NO mention by Ms Agte and her little group. But then, none of them believe there are any dangers to these dams.

Blows my mind!