Author Topic: Work on the North & South Holley Dams - Tioga Construction Drone Work  (Read 15 times)

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These are GREAT pictures, gives you the best perspective yet as the NY Canal Corporation, with the help of Tioga Construction, is slowly but surely restoring safe dams to our area, and uncovering the beauty that has been hidden all these years.

You will find these on NY Canal Corporation's Facebook page...

For reference.. the ECT is on the NORTH side of the Canal in this section... pictures show the work looking both East & West.

You will notice that BOTH sides of the Canal in this section are earthen embankments... Dam height on the non-towpath side is about 40'.

The North side has the Erie Canal Trailway and that Dam is between 30 - 40' at it's highest point with residential homes sitting well below the waterline. The embankment slope looks as if it has been recontoured to a less steep angle as well in the section of dam. Overall North Dam length is approximately 2400', and some of the dam is cement wall nearest the Village and East Ave

The South Holley Dam lined on the inside with cement for some of it's length where the ships tied up, beyond that it is stone lined, earthen embankment. There is a seep pond below the South Dam and also the waste weir gate in the cement wall that forms Holley Falls. This gate has a measured flow that gets tracked & reported.

These drone shots by Tioga really capture the Erie's Embankment Restoration very well.

Looks like the Canal Corporation partnered with a firm that knows it's way around a Dam

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Nice pictures thanks. Is the towpath on both sides? Looks like both dams go as far as the picture shows even around the bend. I read the Holley waterfall only flows when the canal is filled, is that true? So it must be a leak then or some type of drain made to let water out?

Have to go see this all next time I'm out in the area, thanks for the update and the link to Canal Facebook too.