Author Topic: Some have said the Canal Corporation could not maintain Safe Embankments  (Read 15 times)

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Funny that few people who walk or live next to the Erie Canal Trail saw any of the solutions for cutting grass on these steep canal embankments after the Canal Corporation said that Trees have to go and Grass has to replace it. Grass is the ONLY vegetation allowed on Earthen Embankment Dams according to all experts and facts.

Many have said they would not be able to mow due to steepness... so the Canal Corp found the right mowers. Zero Turn, Track Driven

This guy cleaned a 400' long dam in about 10 minutes..

And he also runs a remote controlled cutting robot lawnmower, to do areas that this new track mower can't navigate to.

It does a great job clearing 5 foot high grass... and it was mowed twice

And if there are still folks who doubt these are "real dams", Here's the view from our second story window.

So, mystery solved, embankments in Brockport cleared by the EERP project are clean again and it was quick & easy.

Never doubt the persistence & expertise of good Dam Owners, especially the New York Power Authority.

Looks like these DAM OWNERS know EXACTLY what they are doing.