Author Topic: MUST READ!! - A simple Quiz on the Erie Canal Embankment Repair Project  (Read 56 times)

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Sometimes you have to look a little deeper into what some folks believe is pertinent "scientific" supporting data. In the case of the Stop the Clear Cut Group I would like to make a simple point about relevant facts regarding this Erie Canal Embankment Project.

There will be a ONE QUESTION QUIZ at the end so study the images carefully..

Review screen capture from the "new" Stop the Clear Cut Group (STCC)

Look at it EACH Picture VERY carefully & closely.

Here's another view from the STCC website that show a few of their document links opened up for view is an excerpt from a Court Affidavit that was submitted as part of the STCC efforts to halt this critical public Safety Project
(Full Affidavit is here > )

Here's the QUIZ Question:
What do the State of California and a Levee Expert from Michigan have to do with the NY Erie Canal Embankment Remediation Project?

Think hard about your answer... scroll down further for your answer

Just a little further please...

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