Author Topic: In the Spirit of Full Disclosure & Transparency - Picture of Dam Repair in Brockport  (Read 17 times)

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I've seen enough in the past few months of Canal Embankment work to know this is true...

Please try to remember the Canal Corporation will only REPAIR the dam like this one time. Then it's just canal walkers & mowing machines.  The heavy construction machines will be gone, grass & wildflowers will start to grow... many are saying it looks "better" now, just wait.

The barrier screening shrubs will start going in and the whole thing will look, well not the same, but different, and all agree that they look like dams. So they must be safer just for that reason. That was one of the original goals the Canal Corporation set, make people see there are dams.  So when you look at these cleared dams now remember something, Different Good, or Different Bad depends quite a bit on which side of the "safe" Dam you are now looking from... doesn't it?

And hopefully some of you will see the people living at the BOTTOM of the Dams, we are the ones that will get flooded if safety is  ignored again.

As for my wife and I, we are waving goodbye as the Tioga Crew heads further east to finish this part of Brockport's East Dam, maybe only another 2500' feet to go. They are headed east... making good time, they will soon be in a neighborhood near you, where people will complain once again about a safety program doing it's job.

Has everyone missed the fact that people were doing this IDENTICAL THING about 100 years ago when they made this same Embankment Dam? And guess what... there was an opposition movement to that remediation work going on as well.

Full Circle... once again.
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