Author Topic: Western areas get the CC makeover.  (Read 39 times)

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Western areas get the CC makeover.
« on: December 15, 2018, 06:52:26 pm »

Apparently, this is a photo of ongoing work of an embankment dam in the Brockport area. It was posted on the STCC Facebook page, with comments such as "I'm reposting this picture from John 'Jack' Burris the level of embankment destruction is even beyond what we had imagined. This is going to be in people's backyards...."

and  "Eileen Pavia How they have the nerve to say any of this doesn’t effect the environment is crazy!

Kevin Gallagher "I would say the CCs neg dec is dishonest and a gross violation of the public trust."

Typical STCC knee-jerk reaction as they desperately try to justify their existence.  The photo just goes to show how dilapidated these embankments are.
This amount of work on an area that has little habitation below it, clearly demonstrates how committed the NYPA is to bring this canal into the 21st century. By the time they have finished, The Erie Canal will be a shining example of good sensible engineering practices, and be one of the safest canals in the world. 

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Doug K

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Sadly the storyline has been the SAME thing over and over from "Stop the Safety Project" crew in Fairport, they ONLY share the "half" of a story that tries to prove their biased viewpoint. Of course if you show the BEFORE picture it will look terrible, it's a work in progress. Why didn't the person who posted this picture show the nicely groomed Embankment, freshly patched, covered with new straw covering and properly graded AFTER the work was completed?

Look here tomorrow for a picture of a recent Earthen Embankment Remediation Repair that shows EXACTLY how big these breaches could be if one were to burst. Once you see the size of the excavation compared to the Dam Slope it might make them think hard  about a view like theirs, obviously missing the "forest for the trees". No before picture but surely it looked similar to the one shown.

Do these people REALLY believe that a properly repaired Embankment Dam is MORE devastating to the Environment than flooding hundreds of acres of land if the Earthen Dam gave way in a serious breach?

It sounds ridiculous but sadly is bordering on stupidly UNSAFE.

For those who REALLY want the truth about EERP, and Dam Repair.. take a look:

Here's the Image of the Final Work at Rt 260 Sweden walker Rd

This repair was made up of several patches, measures about 60' long

Here's what a newly patched stump pull looks like AFTER the work is done...nice huh?

This was taken from below the Embankment, looking at the patch that was made from slope TOP to the Toe drain, about 20' tall.

Can you see what happens when the STCC members continue to spread "false information"?
People like me have to go get our boots all muddy to make sure those who want the TRUTH have a place to find it.
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