Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP)


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[1] Earthen Embankment Restoration Dam Tour - The Culvert Rd Dam in Medina

[2] Is the Canal Corporation Lying about Embankment Integrity? See Dams 1- 4

[3] Just because you don't live under an Earthen Embankment Dam!

[4] Alternatives to Erie Canal Embankment Tree Clearing

[5] Embankment Dam Maintenance 101 - Grass Care

[6] Erie Canal Rehabilitation Pictures Embankment Dam 29 - Holley's Nightware

[7] Erie Canal Rehabilitation Pictures Embankment Dams 30-39

[8] Erie Canal Embankment & Trail work is now COMPLETE... see the latest pictures.

[9] Running Cost Estimated of the Canal Corporation's Embankment Rehabilitation Program


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