Author Topic: Just because you don't live under an Earthen Embankment Dam!  (Read 76 times)

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It's a major priority for the NYPA (Canal Corp) to remove trees from their dams, because they are dangerous, and likely to cause a flood if the dam collapses. There is also the threat of old trees, especially Cottonwoods, dropping limbs on passers by on the towpaths. This is why the EEIP (SEQR) has now widened its scope to about 100 feet either side of the canal  for it's entire length, and whether there is a dam, or not. (Thank the Stop The Clear Cut group for this new development!)

That means if your property is adjacent to the canal, and the trees overhang the water, or pose a threat in any way, the NYPA will likely cut them down. Why?

Because they could fall on a passing boat, kayak, or NYPA worker. The NYPA is liable, after all, they own the trees. They have the right to come onto your land, to get to their shoreline and do whatever they like.

Get used to it!

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It's amazing that some people, especially those in the Stop the ClearCut group, simply take the path of "If I don't talk about it, then it's not real".

That's why they avoid using the words Unsafe & Earthen Dams, or mentioning safety anywhere and amytime unless its to deny it's a real issue along the NYS Canal System. They want it the good ole way, unsafe over-grown, unmanageable & unsafe Canal Embankments...jyst so their "walk isn't ruined" by seeing an earthen dam.

What do you think is one of the animals, seen the most along the Erie Canal, that is living in real danger right now? Danger from both tree roots creating unstable embankments as well as from falling tree limbs from above? Give you a's a mammal.

Another hint?'s up near the top of the food chain and makes its home near the waterway.

Still wondering? Well some have said it's one of the smartest mammals in the entire animal kingdom.

It's mankind...and most of this species can tell when they are in real danger and try to avoid it...which is pretty smart for a species in the long run.

Of course there are those who are an exception to that "intelligence" rule.

Some of mankind will always choose to believe a group dedicated to avoiding the words Unsafe Earthen Embankment Dams... and the leaders of that group who simply won't admit when they were wrong. They don't believe they are in danger.

Like the saying goes; "Some people dont know what they don't know".

I say never let those people speak for you about safety..they really don't care about that topic  or you to be honest... Pretty sad example of that "smart mammal"
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