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Author Topic: Earthen Embankment Remediation Project (EERP) - Repair Process Steps Illustrated  (Read 111 times)

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Finally, the Tioga Crew has reached the Brockport Village Limits, which is Zone 37 from Sunflower Landing to Main St Bridge. Each Zone will be completed to the "pre-grass" prep portion BEFORE moving on to the next Zone. Zone 36 is West past Main St Bridge to the next Double Orange Marker on the ECT.

Here's what a typical Embankment Dam Repair looks like folks... Just in Pictures. Keep in mind these steps are all going on simultaneously throughout the work zone. One end is at an earlier step while the tail end is clearing the the remnants of the final steps done there. All Outboard Slope re-contouring including adding lots more dirt, will happen after March 21. Grass planting will be Mayish from all indicators.

And one LAST NOTE.. this Tioga Constrution crew is doing all this WHILE people who ought to know better are still trying to use the Erie Canal Trail. Folks, if you want to watch fine.. but PLEASE stay out of an active construction zone, you wouldn't take a walk on Rt 390 when works crews are there..  show some respect..please.




STEP 4: In progress (Rain Day)

For those interested in the Quality Control part of these repairs... EACH Root Ball Extraction repair has to meet a Soil Compression Test Standard which is measured by an Independent Third Party,  CME. That company's Geologist, uses a measuring tool similar to the one shown and tests each spot 3 times if needed. Then they compress one spot very hard and grap a maximum compression value as a fourth baseline value. Very scientific methods being followed here and the repair show it.

This is NOT the end though... there are more steps coming in a new Post
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