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Author Topic: ECNA releases their statement supporting the EEIP Guidebook & SEQR Statement  (Read 60 times)

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Here's the ECNA's statement regarding the recent Canal Corporation Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP) Guidebook / EIS Release. This will be shared at the EEIP Public Meeting on Zoom at 7pm today as well,

Statement on the EEIP Program from the Erie Canal Neighbors Association

The NYS Canal Corporation has done a good job outlining the dangers with their aging earthen embankments, and provided enough evidence, to show that trees on earthen dams can spell disaster if not properly maintained. Anyone stating that trees "stabilize" earthen dams, or that the "only time" the canal has seen issues is when work is being done on it, is simply not stating KNOWN facts.
A recent embankment breach in Macedon/Palmyra has limited all canal travel there since May 17 this year.

The Canal Corporation also had to close 15 miles of the canal system, keep it empty, from Brockport to Holley earlier this season, due to "escaping water" at the Erie St Embankment in Brockport. That is where steel plating was hammered in to strengthen the leaking earthen dam there, similar to what happened in Spencerport & Perinton in 2018.

The draft Environmental Impact Statement released as part of EEIP has dispelled the "myth" being spread by a local Facebook Group, about what some are calling a "clear-cutting" that is going on. The SEQR EIS document explains that a clear-cut approach was an option that was rejected, along with actually abandoning the Canal and leaving it empty.
Think that over, the OWNERS & CARETAKERS of the Canal System actually thought the seriousness of unsafe dams was enough to warrant closure, to save the cost of repair, which will be nearly $300 million for the 100 miles of Earthen Embankments that still need repair. Just one way to insure Public Safety at the lowest cost.

Listed in the NYSCC's EEIP Environmental Impact Statement are the consequences of doing NOTHING and letting trees continue to grow along the Erie Canal. The Canal Corporation has shown that a flood, with possible loss of life & property, could be the result in all cases along the Canal System, if this were to happen.
Public Safety should not a debatable topic, it should never be minimized to that level, there is never a “right” time to leave the public in danger from unsafe canal embankments, and these embankment must ALL be repaired. It’s not a matter of personal preference anymore, it’s about public safety now.

Issues that may affect the SAFETY & WELL-BEING of NY Residents cannot be “ignored” by State Agencies like the NYS Canal Corp, or New York Power Authority. They have taken an OATH to protect all of us, the public.

For those that think the Canal Corporation should simply “change their minds” about Earthen Dam Safety, or NYPA should “ignore” the recent Embankment Inspections that resulted in identification of urgent, high hazard dams along the Erie Canal, they can’t.

They understand that in the end, the State of NY will be “liable” for a Canal Flood.

Flood Inundation Mapping,  Appendix B provided in that same EEIP Guidebook Package, shows that hundreds if not thousands of Monroe County Residents would be affected, and most do NOT live next to or even near the Canal, they are 2-3 miles away, and may be under as much as 6 feet of water or more.
Every single Town, Village and Neighborhood that touches the Canal or its Trail Embankments, should be asking for THEIR own area’s Flood Inundation Mapping to be done. This way any residents in danger of a possible canal flooding can assess their OWN needs to insure their property and their lives.
Anyone in the County, living North, South, East or West of the Erie Canal & Embankment Trail, may be in a Flood Inundation Zone, and not know it.

Erie Canal Neighbors will most likely be reporting the trickle of water on their property, which alerts the Canal Corporation to investigate a potential breach. Proper clearing of the Canal Embankments would allow not only Canal Embankment Inspectors to see potential issues with leaking, but also allow Canal Neighbors the same view to insure their section of Embankment is “functioning as designed”.
It’s a FACT that ALL trees on the Embankments pose a threat to either the integrity of the earthen embankment, and from tree limbs falling on unsuspecting Trail & Waterway traffic. And the plan is to remove all invasive vegetation on embankments, because that is what is expected of Dam Owners in NY State.
It’s time to make NYS & the Erie Canal SAFE AGAIN, support the work of repairing overgrown Canal Embankments, support the work of the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program when it comes to your neighborhood.

It’s the BEST thing you can do for your safety, and that of your family & neighbors.

Thank you, visit the ECNA at

Visit our Canal Neighbors Forum at

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