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Had a chance to see the BIGGEST embankment along the NY Erie Canal this past weekend...along with capturing pictures of the clearing at Work Zone 29 Embankment Dam. I am putting this one dam on it's own page, to show both the uniqueness and also the danger still present for all of Holley on BOTH sides of the Canal.

Here's Work Zone 29 Dam... its about 2400' long, just under a 1/2 mile.  It runs from the Lift Bridge in Holley eastward to Bennett's Corner's road, just around the bend in the picture.

Now what makes this work zone dam so unique is that it sits directly across from the tallest dam on the Canal System and also a waterfall that is created by the canal itself. That uncleared Dam represents what has to be the biggest nightmare section of the whole canal system, next to the Great Embankment near Bushnell's Basin. It's not as wide as The Great Embankment but it is the tallest...

You can use the topographic map view above to understand where these next pictures were taken below the dam.

There is a winding path from the pond area down to the bottom of the waterfall that traverses part of the embankment dam that makes up this entire south side of the Erie Canal. There are walking paths all over and one leads to the Top of the Waterfall, while another takes you to the source of the water... a waste weir gate that has one door open feeding the falls. It's a nice attraction to see if you are in the area.

The Embankment that is still uncleared, which is about 1500' long, is a canal breach & flood just waiting to happen. If it does, much of Holley will be flooded as the culvert for E. Sandy Creek could not handle all the water. Flood water in this section would also travel North, and flood much of the lowland that is below the Work Zone 29 Embankment that was just cleared.

Hopefully Holley residents will request that they get their "other" Unsafe Embankment Dam gets added to the  list for the new Canal Corporation Embankment Integrity program and get this overgrown dam section cleared soon.

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