Author Topic: Erie Canal Rehabilitation Pictures Embankment Dams 30-39  (Read 23 times)

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Had a chance to get out to see a South Side Embankment in this set...Work Zone 31 Dam... off West Canal Road

This one is about 1/2 mile long

It stretches from West Canal Rd eastward to the Brockport Widewaters.

It's a whole different view if you look from above... Work Zone 31 Dam connects to another further east of the widewaters for a total length just over a mile long. On the exact opposite side is Work Zone 30 Embankment Dam that covers 1.25 miles in distance & 7.5 acres of land.

Two chances for a canal breach minimized with the Embankment Restoration work. But the entire widewater area is an unsafe dam that is too narrow for all that amount of water and is still NOT cleared. It will become part of the new Embankment Integrity Program.