Author Topic: Is the Canal Corporation Lying about Embankment Integrity? See Dams 1- 4  (Read 201 times)

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Earthen Embankment Restoration Dam 3 - A Tale of Two Dams
« on: January 08, 2020, 08:25:42 pm »
Dam 3 of the original Embankment Project sits right next to Dam #2 which ran from Fruit Ave to the West. On the east side of this old canal bridge crossing is where Dam Three starts. It has been cleared at the very beginning and at the very end, both done for vary different reasons I'm sure. It's a fairly long embankment dam at 3300 ft, about 2/3 mile. It runs between Fruit Ave & Marshall Rd High Bridge.

The western end of Dam 3 is actually now the front yard of an ORIGINAL Erie Canal side home built in 1833, called the Servoss-Hagood House. It's a nice place, well worth a peek and may already have been cleared before this project was done.

VIEW of the House at WEST end of Dam 3

Historic Home Marker

Now moving east from the house the Dam becomes overgrown & untouched by any restoration work. It's also noted that there are no other houses along this section, only a wet area due to another culvert located midway down Dam #3. Note that the culvert itself was cleared, on both sides, and the next post will show a new cleared Dam Inspection Path to allow proper Culvert and Toe of Slope Inspections

UNCLEARED Dam 3 at West End

CLEARED Dam 3 Culvert

The next post in this thread will show the rest of Dam #3