Author Topic: More Trouble with Erie Canal Embankments and Dead Trees in the Waterway  (Read 112 times)

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As stated earlier, there is yet another Embankment issue, this time a bit more serious at a major small stream culvert, with lots of canal water overhead, that is now leaking into the Jeddo Creek basin below. This embankment is about a 20' tall water impoundment on the downstream side.

Must have been why the Erie waterline dropped 8 inches last week in the "60 mile pool" west of Rochester.

Here's the Headline of the repair from the NYSCC Press Release page:

New York State Canal Corporation announces seepage Mitigation project along the Erie Canal in the Town of Shelby to begin week of July 18th

And the ECNA has been out to this location right after the NYS Canal Corporation cleared their very first Earthen Canal Dam in their fledgling Embankment Integrity Program. We have captured this in the "before state". We have included a map below to show the area. This embankment leak is at the Jeddo Creek culvert, located underneath Dam #1.

It was cleared as part of the original Erie Embankment Restoration Project.

The images below were from an earlier ECNA post that looked at the Erie Embankment Dams that have currently been cleared in 2018. 

The NEW repair work is being done on the embankment slope, on the South side of the waterway & Erie Trail, at the other end of the culvert shown in the picture below. From the NYCC Press Release it appears they will dewatering this section perhaps and then fill the leak, hoping to rebound the impervious layer needed on water impounding  embankments. There are many types of grout now, that get activated as the wet. Here's a little info on one product called "Dammit"'s-time-to-dami/

You can read more about this Embankment Dam at the end of Fruit Avenue in Medina, and other cleared Erie embankments, located at this western end of the Erie, in this ECNA post:

Read more about this canal embankment leak in the Orleans Hub
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