Author Topic: More Trouble with Erie Canal Embankments and Dead Trees in the Waterway  (Read 112 times)

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It has not been a very good past three days for the Erie Canal or the NYS Canal Corporation.

It's another plague of Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) near Buffalo and yet another ANNUAL rash of "falling trees" that once again are finding their way into the navigation channel.

And we can expect somewhere between 10 & 15 more of these "obstruction or floating debris notices, before November, when the  Canal Embankment "tree clearing" SEASON can officially start.

That embankment clearing effort should help to whittle the issue of dead trees and tree roots down to size, That is what is making for hazardous conditions inside & outside of the canalway, trees that haven't been properly managed for the location they have chosen to grow on the past 100 years.

So when someone tells you that trees "belong" on the Erie Canal and all along it's earthen embankment dams, remember this...

That statement is NOT true according to the people who maintain it. Both NY Power and NY Canals have been crystal clear that trees are a MAJOR safety issue right now along the Erie Canal. And it's NOT true according to NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation who writes the rules for Dams & Dam Safety in NY, like those along the Erie. Also NOT true by the US Army Engineers or FEMA standards, who write and maintain the Rules & Guidelines about Dams, Dam Vegetation, and Dam Safety at the Federal level.

The facts are simple: 49 of 50 States in our Country use some form of Dam Safety guidance set by either their own State level DEC or they defer to FEMA or the USACE for Dam Safety manuals or guides. All of those Dam Safety rules say the same thing, trees are not allowed to grow on earthen dams as it compromises the water impounding capability of the dam itself.

But there is one place you can go where people are denying these facts - Facebook of course.
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