Author Topic: More Trouble with Erie Canal Embankments and Dead Trees in the Waterway  (Read 112 times)

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And now it seems that trees are raining down like cats n dogs into the Erie Canal... this just out.

Channel Obstruction: Erie Canal Orleans County

Mariners are advised of a tree blocking the navigation channel just east of the Sweden Walker Rd. Bridge E-180 over the Erie Canal in Sweden. Maintenance crews have been notified and are on site. It is anticipated the tree will be removed in 2 to 3 hours.

Read it again here

This TREE is blocking the entire channel, a channel that is 120' wide in the 60 mile pool.

This is in Monroe County, not Orleans County as stated in the NTM.

And to think, there are actually people on social media that do NOT want the Canal Corporation to fix this "tree issue", instead saying they prefer "shade" to public safety and canal viability. I guess they can float out into the channel on inner tubes to get shade from this tree, right?!-repairs!-reduced-depths!/msg2300/?topicseen#msg2300
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