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Author Topic: NYS Canal Corporation - Erie Canalway Recreational Committee Meeting January 2022  (Read 32 times)

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The Canalway Recreational Committee (CRC) met on Monday with the NYS Canal Corporation leaders to discuss old and new business, including topic like the upcoming Bi-Centennial celebration and ongoing Winter Maintenance along the Erie Canal System.

The video found at the bottom of this post is the YouTube/Zoom Call just released by the Canal Corporation & NYPA

Of special note regarding Erie Canal Integrity and Embankment Dams:

About halfway through the two hour meeting (at about 59 minute mark) NYS Canals Leader of Waterway Maintenance, Ambrose Barbuto (Buffalo Office), speaks about winter Lock Maintenance and also ANOTHER issue with Canal Embankment Integrity in Little Falls that was just discovered. Seems another embankment has voids that are under repair, and was a leak sizeable enough to create a small whirlpool in the channel that was noticed just prior to the December de-water event.

The repair to this failing EARTHEN DAM is being done by Bergmann and Tioga Industries, and marks the fourth major embankment issue in 2021.

Ambrose goes on to report to the CRC, that ongoing repairs are also being made to Dam Structures along the Erie Canal this winter, including the "clearing of brush & invasive vegetation" that is "hindering proper dam inspections".

That work always starts in the Winter, when these Earthen Embankments are frozen (and most stable) to allow larger brush clearing equipment on the towpath/service road.

Seems like a clear indication that the Canal Integrity work will be commencing very soon

And of note was what was NOT said at this meeting:
Not one CRC Member brought up any objection to required Dam Maintenance along the canal system.
Not one member of the CRC committee spoke about "clear-cutting" of trees, or a Facebook group.
Not one Recreational Committee member was concerned at all about the winter maintenance plans.

And NO ONE from the PUBLIC spoke up when given the opportunity to address the CRC, or Mr. Brian Stratton, with any concerns about "loss of shade".

And several times during the meeting, when canal safety was mentioned, everyone on the CRC & NYSCC call agreed that SAFETY of the Canal System was paramount to any future plans being made for the canal, it's continued use serving recreational needs of New Yorkers, and insuring the Bi-Centennial events all went on as planned.

So it appears that public opposition to Canal Safety & Maintenance is only limited to a small group on Facebook after all.
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