Author Topic: NYS Canal Corporation Features New Environmental Sustainability Engineer - Meet Kimberly O'Rourke  (Read 41 times)

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I wonder is Ms Eerie Agte and her sidekick Maier would consider this to be answering their prayers?

Kimberly O'Rourke is an environmental scientist educated at SUNY Brockport NY and with a degree. I doubt anyone could find fault here, unless you are in the STCC group. 

See Lizzie, the CC had the folks you were calling for all along, you just didn't look, or even want to! After all, they didn't sing the same tune as you, did they?

One has to look at all these folks working for the canal corporation people who have been belittled, scorned and generally made out to be the bad guys, by Agte, Maier and a few others in the STCC. Disgraceful!