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Author Topic: Town of Perinton provides a link!  (Read 12 times)

Michael Caswell

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Town of Perinton provides a link!
« on: May 01, 2023, 10:10:52 am »
Well over a year ago, maybe two, there have been no announcements or comments by the Town on the work of the Canal Corp and their plan to deforest the embankment dams in the town. I believe the last comments were made by Mr Hanna, who stated that he thought there would be an alternative to the CC's proposals which basically said, 'No trees on a dam'.    We, the ECNA, made much comment and opposition to his statement, and shortly after all reference to this project seemed to disappear from the Town's web page.

But now, a link to the NYPA (CC) has appeared-   (scroll to the bottom of the page please)

Does this link mean the hierarchy have resigned themselves to the EEIP project? Have they changed their minds, but don't want to lose face?

I guess it doesn't matter, the main thing on display here is that maybe they have come to their senses at last.
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Doug K

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Sorry Mike, it's "old news" as they say... we covered this back in September of 2021.

The wording on this older Perinton website link shows it was for the "draft" SEQR documentation, so it launched sometime before the FINAL released version of the EEIP Document package in November 2022, most likely right after Supervisor Hanna made his EEIP statement.

But you are correct, Supervisor Hanna relented on his original idea that a "compromise" could be met regarding leaving "unsafe" trees to grow on the outer slope of these Canal Embankments. He published his statements in August 2021, after meeting with the ECNA to discuss the safety aspects of Earthen Dam Maintenance & Management.

And the new FINAL version of the EEIP Earthen Embankment Guidebook states that even leaving ONE tree along an earthen embankment is enough to make that earthen dam unsafe.

Read the Perinton Supervisor's EEIP Statement Here:

And read the FINAL released documents for the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program Here:

In that Final EEIP Document package there is a letter of completion from the NYS Canal Corporation. That document explains exactly WHAT the EEIP program will do for NY State & the Canal System:

The purpose of the EEIP is to implement a documented comprehensive Canal System embankment inspection and maintenance program to restore, maintain, and manage the integrity of embankments within the Canal System.

Specifically, the scope includes all embankment material and impairments, along with turf, vegetation, armoring or paving that is parallel to the embankment slopes and surfaces from outside the toe of the outboard slope of the canal or feeder to the toe of the inboard embankment slope.

It includes water recording and management features used in regulation of water levels in the canal and feeders, and geotechnical instrumentation devices.

It also includes design and implementation of certain alternative solutions to vegetation removal, as well as amenities such as supplemental compatible vegetation.

And in that same released EEIP Package is the State Required Environmental Review that shows exactly WHY this new EEIP program has to be done, what was the reason to make a change to Canal Operation at this particular moment:

Earthen Embankment Integrity Program
SEQR Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement

1-3 Key components of the NYS Canal System are earthen embankments (embankments) that
impound water to form navigable waterways or feeders. Proper maintenance of the
embankments is imperative to maintain integrity of the structures: for mitigating risks of
embankment failures to health and safety of people that live, work or recreate along the NYS
Canal System; for mitigating the risks of damage to property and the environment; and for
maintaining the integrity and operability of the NYS Canal System in a cost-effective manner.

Proper maintenance of the embankments will limit interruptions of the usage of the NYS Canal
System by boaters and towpath users.

Parts of the embankments have become overgrown with trees, brush, and other scrub
are subject to animal burrowing, and are experiencing erosion, seepage, or
settlement. Concrete and masonry surfaces that follow the embankment lines and grades also
suffer from various types of deterioration. These conditions could compromise the integrity of
the embankments and hinder safety inspections, and represent significant public safety,
environmental and economic risks that must be mitigated.

To address this pressing need, the NYSCC will implement a comprehensive, system-wide
embankment maintenance program (hereafter referred to as the Earthen Embankment Integrity
Program, or EEIP) to restore, maintain and manage the integrity of embankments within the NYS
Canal system
, and has developed the NYSCC Embankment Inspection & Maintenance Guide Book
(Guide Book) to carry out the program. The Guide Book provides a system-wide approach to
embankment inspections, evaluations, prioritization, and maintenance practices (referred to as
Maintenance Best Practices or MBPs), in consideration of environmental impacts, and to provide
for public awareness and community outreach. The Guide Book is attached as Appendix A. As
described in more detail below, NYSCC’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) action
is the adoption of the Guide Book and all future activities performed in accordance with the
Guide Book along earthen embankments in the Canal System.


It does not get any more clear than this... does it? Fixing the Canal Embankments for PUBLIC SAFETY reasons... followed with a period.

Tell me who in their right mind would say they do NOT WANT the Canal System to be "safer & more sustainable"?

Who would argue with the NYS employees who are charged with maintaining a safe, sustainable canal system?

Look to Social Media for that answer, because Mr. Hanna has finally got the message loud & clear:

No Trees on Earthen Embankment Dams... no matter where those dams are located in NY State.
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