Author Topic: UPDATE MARCH 2020 - New York Canal Embankment Integrity Work Continues  (Read 9 times)

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If anyone was wondering...the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program is alive and well...continuing from where it left off, just past Dam 40, which was the last Dam cleared in the original Embankment Project. This work is nearer Adams Basin & Spencerport, on a very unsafe canal dam.

Special thanks to CT Oaks from the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group for the update.

It's Embankment Integrity Safety work as usual folks, and in Adams Basin the work is centered on a dangerous Canal Embankment Slope, over a LARGE culvert, covered with trees, on a 1:1 slope angle. This tree covered embankment dam & culvert place the entire community of Adams Basin at risk of Flood, just in case you were wondering. Anyone who lives near Salmon Creek in this area understand the danger, they see annual Springtime flooding. Of course a Canal Flood would be MANY time worse than any "seasonal" event. Take a look at the picture below.

Of course Mr. Oaks, who posted this message, and those who have commented from the STCC group, don't see the safety issue here. Like most of their group they are talking about "shade" that they think matters MORE than the  SAFETY of our neighbors or communities.

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