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Finally, after 18 agonizing months waiting for the NYS Canal Corporation "dinosaur management team" to make a step forward they have released their entire NEW and FINAL Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP) documentation package.

The SEQR Study Released November 30th on the State's DEC Website... it basically said that SAFETY is STILL driving the EEIP work.  That should NOT be a surprise to anyone who understands how public safety projects are run by NYPA

SEQR documentation for EEIP is in a nice little statement here:

All of the released SEQR documents are found on the NYS Canals Embankment Integrity Website:

And the best read is the 1066 PUBLIC comments made during this whole EEIP process, and how still today many people are dissatisfied with the final answer... that TREES are NOT as important as the possible LOSS of HUMAN LIFE in a Canal Embankment Breach.

And if the Earthen Embankments, that retain water along the Canal are NOT cleared, the possibility of a flood looms larger each passing day... that is simply the truth that was supported by years of SEQR study and experts  in the field of Hydrology and Dam Science that were used to validate that SEQR work on Canal Embankment Dams.

So that final word on this whole Canal Embankment Program is this -


Anyone who can't understand the final word on this program is in need of some serious mental health help.

And unfortunately for many using social media those folks are most likely whining about it now on a Facebook right now, in a local denialist group called Stop the Canal Clear-cut.

The members of this group are still in "dam denial". Many members still cannot understand the Canal is "man-made".

The group still believes that talk of embankment safety is "fear-mongering". The Group's LEADER is the biggest proponent of that misinformation.

This Facebook group has many members who vocally support  Crazy Canal Corporation Conspiracy theories about kickbacks, contracts and land use... still to this day.

And they are all very upset that their group, their leadership and their "grassroots effort" did absolutely nothing to change the minds of NY State agencies that "scenery & shade" for their walk along the top of these Erie Canal Dams on the Empire Trail was more important than the lives and safety of those living below.

Go figure...?

Of special note and interest... it's FULL STEAM AHEAD CAPTAIN... as the Canal Integrity Program gets set to run it's new INSPECTION solution for finding and clearing seeps, leaks and areas of "invasive vegetation" along the 100 miles of Earthen Embankments they still need to clear.

Here's their brand new page on Embankment Inspection using Drones. This is something that many have asked for, WHERE are the dams, HOW bad is their condition and WHAT is the HAZARD RATING based on the Embankment Inspection?

Finally, because MANY in our community seem to NOT understand that when you ASK for transparency yo GET just that... here's the Schedule of when Trees will be cleared,  Tree Roots will be removed, and Embankments will be restored... each step outlined in the newly released Embankment Maintenance Manual.

While the Earthen Embankment Integrity Manual & Guidelines does have solutions and best practices for many of the common types of invasive species that frequent the Canal Embankments, and specifically how do deal with irregularities and defects in the outboard slope... the EEIP Guidebook has left out one critical section to help Canal Employees deal with the most invasive pest to date along the Erie Canal... a little humor to end the post.

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