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Author Topic: Where does the money come from for Canal Embankment Repair?  (Read 72 times)

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Read the title again: Where does the money come from for Canal Embankment Repair?

Answer: Just like our own households..its this thing called a budget..LOL.

If you hunt long enough you find the answer to every riddle.. just have to read & think. Here's a summary of the 2016 NY Thruway & Canal Corporation Budget Review, the original is 78 pages long and includes everything about what money goes where. Just like our own budgets.

2016 is the year that the Thruway had to answer the NYS Comptroller's request for Canal Improvements that was sent to them in May 2015.

2016 was also the year that the Thruway decided to find a new "home" for the NY Canal Corporation, moving them to NYS Power Authority

2016 is also the year that the NY Canal Corporation started getting it's allocations from the Transportation Act, up to $50 million a year.

So it looks like the Erie Canal embankment work being done statewide is all part of a MASTER plan that started 5 years ago to FIX the aging Canal. And now we learn that the Thruway had fully funded ALL of this capital improvement work before they gave the Canal to the NY Power Authority folks. It looks like many long standing safety issues are going to finally be addressed from storage reservoirs & dams in the Adirondack foothills to the raised Earthen Embankments that run through our towns & villages. It's about time, and welcome change.

So those of you who hear people talking about "How much all this embankment dirt costs" or saying this work is "coming out of our pockets as taxpayers"... remind those "mis-informed" souls that the money is ALREADY there...  paid for in 2016 through end of 2020.

So enough already about money...

Someone here said this along time ago... "There's no monetary value that can be placed on the loss of a human life, safety says we cannot allow that to happen".

Oh yea that was the Canal Corporation when they started this Dam Journey.
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