Author Topic: As Unsafe Canal Embankments are Cleared, so is the need for Mandatory Flood Insurance  (Read 46 times)

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And amazingly, since YESTERDAY when these maps were checked and links were created, the New York State Canal Corporation has now released UPDATED FEMA maps for Perinton, Fairport, Henrietta, etc...and voila, No Flood Zone A ratings.

Those "new" maps are all dated with a January 27, 2021 revision, not yesterday's date, not today's. Seems these FEMA maps had been DONE all along. but weren't posted for some odd reason until THIS POST showed up on the ECNA Forum website.

Hmm... Interesting. It would appear that there is no danger now, which doesn't bode well for a property owners who stated otherwise just a few years ago.

Well anyway, It's nice to know the NYS Canal Corporation are listening. Too bad they still can't hear the voices of their Canal Neighbors asking where the promised Empire Trail Natural Barrier Screening is for all of the property owners who have had their privacy & sense of security vanish, along with the trees on their canal embankments.

Mr. Stratton, are you listening?