Author Topic: Will mandatory Flood Insurance be Required for Erie Canal Communities Soon?  (Read 49 times)

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On that question in the Post Title...You decide, the ECNA exists only to place the information into your hands to make your own decision.

It appears that the NYS Canal Corporation has created some NEW maps for their Embankment Program that re-designate FEMA Flood Hazard Zones for much of our area... they wouldn't do that for any other reason than to use them if needed. So ask yourself why these new Flood Maps might be needed... and the answer is pretty simple.

The NYS Canal Corporation would use these in the event some people or a group or even a whole communities should decide to stand in the way of clearing these unsafe, overgrown earthen embankment dams.

They are NY State Dam Owners, they need to follow the prescribed NY State Guidelines for Dam Safety, and that means clearing their public safety issue by keeping their dams in good condition, properly inspected and up to Federal Standards.

If clearing the embankment danger is not possible for some reason, then they are required, BY LAW, to inform their adjacent neighbors, surrounding communities AND also the Federal Government agency that would need to know about unsafe dams (FEMA) in NY State. They simply have to say they have unsafe dams conditions they cannot address  and would advise neighboring communities to purchase flood insurance locally, or from the National Flood Insurance Plan with FEMA.

And FEMA would be more than happy to help citizens procure Flood Insurance as their program is having severe funding shortages now.

Go read this Forum Post for more information on how the NYS Canal Corporation is re-writing FEMA Flood Hazard Zones in Monroe County

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