Author Topic: Flood Insurance coverage depends on knowing where Embankment Dams are located  (Read 109 times)


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An embankment blowout would create deviatating damages to property.  The federal government has really tightened the regulations imposed on mortgage lenders to be the enforcement of making sure homes that are leveraged with a mortgage or a HELOC and are located in a flood zone.  The fines have increased substantially for these lenders for not policing properly.  The problem for the federal government is that when there is a flooding disaster, they (via FEMA) are the ones writing checks to the uninsured. 

With all that being said, NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) is not your only option for flood insurance.  My agency works with other specialty flood insurance carriers that most of the time can provide better coverage at a better rate than the NFIP.  Since the NFIP is a government manager insurance provider, they have to take all flood risks....if you live on the coast or the edge of the Mississippi or in Monroe County, NY.  The specialty carriers I work with are private companies and they have the right to decline risks, so they are able to avoid insuring flood insurance for coastal properties or those along the Mississippi.

Id be happy to talk with anyone about this.  Maybe I could help your family better understand and manager your risks and also better help manage the expense of your insurance.

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