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I heard the topic of Flood Insurance is becoming quite popular in areas around the Erie Canal these days...Could it be due to the recent ECNA conversations around Earthen Embankment Dams being slowly uncovered with the NY Canal Corporation's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program work going on all around the area?'s clear case of folks finally understanding there "could" be an impact to our wallets with all of this Embankment Dam Remediation.

Hopefully the very FACT that the EEIP work going on along the Erie works to actually improve the safety factors of the Erie Canal should be an argument they can be used if FEMA comes knocking on NYPA's door soon. The work of clearing dams is helping to minimize possible root-based piping seepage and also enable proper inspection and repair of current dam gouges & blowdowns... all factors that end up causing people to GET flood insurance who live below mismanaged earthen dams.

But since Flood Insurance matters to many Erie Canal Neighbors, here's some of the best websites & information the ECNA has found to give you a rough idea how Flood Insurance works. It's based on FEMA Flood Ratings, which will also be covered below. Finally a great deal depends on how high the MAIN floor of you home is above the Base Elevation (ground level) and also the relationship to possible flood inundation mapping. Whats' really nice... FEMA has a nifty tool for you to use that estimates Flood Insurance Cost... you can find the link to the website after the 3 pictures... Please comment and share your thoughts 

Site #1 Flood Advocate

Site #2 Value Penguin

Site #3 FEMA Insurance Estimator App

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