Author Topic: Canal Breach - It had nothing to do with Trees!  (Read 100 times)

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Re: Canal Breach - It had nothing to do with Trees!
« on: June 23, 2018, 11:15:58 am »
Maybe the missed point here is even more basic:

Why would any group or any individual shine the light on a Canal Incident that occurred 44 years ago for a COMPLETELY different reason than what the caretakers of the Erie Canal are discussing in 2018?

The only answer that makes sense here is what the STCC group has done right along, they continue to change the subject AWAY from topics they don't agree with or have an adequate answer for. Yes the Bushnell's Basin flood did happen, but that has nothing to do with the matter at hand today, unless you understand that 44 more years of vegetative growth along the Erie Canal has just made the whole issue with unsafe Embankments much worse.

Sadly this group doesn't seem to even review or believe the Rizzo Engineering report requested by the NY Canal Corp. If they took a moment to review the facts, not the facts they want, the ACTUAL facts available, they would maybe start to understand the extent of the problems.

I have attached TWO PICTURES below that summarize the Rizzo findings very well. Take time to review the pictures as well, those show EXACTLY what the issues are at play, but more importantly they show that routine, regular inspections are GREATLY hampered by the current amount of Vegetation on the Embankments. Rizzo Engineering, experts in this field have stated it all has to go, to enable the proper Inspection in the future.

Why does the Stop the Clear Cut Group continually AVOID using the words 'Unsafe', 'Embankment Dam' & 'Inspection'? Those words go hand in hand and are at the ROOT of this whole project, no pun intended.

When they stop talking about the PAST and start focusing on the future, their energy and passion around the Erie Canal may actually help, instead of creating more confusion and animosity towards the NY Canal Corp, who is only trying to "make things right"
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