Author Topic: Does the New York Power Authority have BIG plans for the Erie Canal?  (Read 41 times)

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And just to backup the idea about NYPA and their BIG IDEA approach, it's amazing how much new technology ideas are popping up as a result of a concerted effort to move away from fossil fuels and embrace more greener solutions to providing power.

Can anyone see New York Power Authority (NYPA) using this solar panel idea inside the Erie Canal?

Maybe floating inside all those canal widewater areas that are no longer used, since large barges no longer need to turnaround or be stored for winter?

Maybe fixed on posts along the Empire Trail, on the canal side, which already has quite a bit of southern exposure in many pl;aces across NY State?

Maybe build a nice Erie Canal solar farm on the Oxbow Lake Islands in Fairport, that are now covered with dangerous tress that fall into and around the main channel?

What if the Canal became the MAIN highway for a new passenger in the 21st century... clean, green energy?

Here's the article about this new idea of using these floating solar panels near Hydro-power Dams, they generate power and connect to nation's power grid already. It's a good use of space that most large Dam Owners would like to utilize better right now.

It's no accident that NYPA was given the Erie Canal & the NYS Canal Corporation a few years back by the Governor of NY, he's never been shy about a plan to make this state the 'greenest" state in the Country... starting with energy generation.

Anyone who doesn't see the new marriage of NYPA and the NYSCC as the BEST thing that could have happened to save the Erie canal, is just unwilling to understand the entire principle of "evolution". Take a look at the new life of the canal as a Clean Energy Highway.