Author Topic: Erie Canal Embankment Issues are not a new problem - Uncovered 2014 NYS Report  (Read 26 times)

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This 2014 State Comptroller Report, or S-45, takes a 20 look back at the NY Canal Corporation and how it manages the flood control structures, and prioritizes it's maintenance activities.

It shows exactly what NYPA stated when they started the Embankment Integrity Program...time to spend the money & fix long standing safety issues. The report shows that the Thruway Authority run Canal Corp had to choose which 1/2 of the problems they wanted to fix when they created their annual budgets. 55% to be exact.

They have never been allowed to work on ALL of the most critical areas before, but that also changed when NYPA took over.

Very interesting and honest look at the Erie Canal from 1992-2014...Read the S-45 yourself.