Author Topic: Erie Canal Embankment & Trail work is now COMPLETE... see the latest pictures.  (Read 1310 times)

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For those of you who have waited faithfully, just a bit over 3 years now, here's the finished product from the NYS Canal Corporation and their Earthen Embankment Restoration Project.

This is what a safe dam looks like, that has also had a barrier planting added to mitigate privacy issues between the Empire State / Erie Canal Trail (ECT) and many neighboring properties.

The picture shows the view from the bottom, one most people do not see who use the trail.

For those neighbors affected by the Earthen Embankment Restoration Project (EERP), if you see the EERP work behind your home, go out and ask to see the plan for planting along your property. The NYS Canal Corporation normally has a Project Lead on the work site and they have a very detailed plan for each neighboring property.

I thought about what we asked for when input was requested for the Barrier Screening Plan and I also know what was delivered.

The REMOVAL phase of EERP along our property actually removed about 37 trees.

The NYS Canal Corporation planted 80 privacy shrubs/bushes in it's place during the RESTORATION phase

Our property received 25% MORE plantings than we asked for, and 60% were evergreen type. We wanted 100% but that would have capped the total at 60 trees total, and we have 80 now.

The best part is that the Evergreens were planted to get the best amount of sound protection from the surrounding roadways, and also highest level of privacy for the bulk of our property. Many trees were placed directly in alignment with the source of the noise pollution in most cases.

You look at the pictures and decide if the new look is better than the mess that used to be there , making the embankment unsafe, dropping tree limbs all over the trail and neighboring properties.

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