Author Topic: Erie Canal Embankment & Trail work is now COMPLETE... see the latest pictures.  (Read 1310 times)

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Hopefully this post will END the continued MISREPRESENTATION going on in a certain Facebook Group.

It appears that a Facebook group in the Rochester NY area, called Stop the Canal Clear-cut, is trying to pass off 2-3 year old pictures of westside embankment maintenance as the final version of the EEIP work to clear unsafe embankments. Here's a recent post by a new member of the group, note the picture being used that was from a Kerri Neale.

Now the TRUTH is that the Canal Restoration along the 60 mile canal pool, west of Rochester, has been COMPLETED and is now fully restored, and it DOESN"T look anything like what this group has portrayed to it's membership.

Here's a the embankment view looking EAST, taken this morning, August 9, 2021

And here's the same spot...looking WEST.

You can look at the BEFORE & AFTER photos posted here, in the prior posts & replies, all pictures were taken within a few paces of each other. And you can also see the "during" images, as construction equipment was used to clear, prep, and replant grass where all that invasive vegetation use to be. Everything is here from seeding to trail repair after the embankment work has been completed.

Now which images to you think show conditions that pose LESS DANGER to the embankment dam structure?

Which pictures show conditions that would have less issues from "falling trees or limbs" on the Empire Trail?

Which images show embankments that have increased the ability, to properly inspect the earthen water impounding structures?

And that is exactly what the NYS Canal Corporation said they needed to do, and is also the impetus behind this Earthen Dam Safety Program.

It's not about harvesting trees, it's not about saving the about RESTORING PUBLIC SAFETY along the NYS Canal System.
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