Author Topic: Erie Canal Safety & The STCC - Let the numbers speak for themselves  (Read 79 times)

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I know many of you have asked why Erie Canal Embankments have to be cleared.. and it comes down to two things: Safety & The Law.

Some people in our area may want to argue this fact but frankly the numbers are against them, always have been. Too bad those on the wrong side of the equation can't see the light of day through their own blindness. They have made a choice to fight against public safety and now have to live with the consequences of their actions... being wrong with no way to "save face".. so they continue to dig a deeper hole for themselves

It's always come down to that old saying...You are either FOR us or you are AGAINST us... and "us" is those that want and need a SAFER canal system

Here's a list of all the federal, state & local agencies supporting a safer Erie Canal and understand the safety guideline are being followed[/b][/size] 

We could add a few more but hope you see the point we are trying to make... many people ARE talking about safety & sustainability of the Erie Canal

Here's a List of those who are working AGAINST Safety along the Erie Canal trying to keep the Embankments that were declared UNSAFE in 2017 just the way they are... unsafe & a danger to those living below them

** Note: Three of the four sites shown are actually the product of a handful of people, the Perinton Town site is a "by-product of their rhetoric.

You folks can decide which group you think has the supporting data & facts on their side, and which side has support from Federal Government Agencies. I will be honest, only ONE group of people have the BEST INTEREST of the Erie Canal waterway, front & center.

Hint, it's most likely the ones that recognize the safety of those living around the Erie Canal is important. It's those who understand the need to preserve the Erie Canal & it's National Heritage designation for those who work hard every day working within 25 miles of the Erie Canal like most of the Farmers in NY State.

The ECNA simply wants to point out to those who are concerned about the "opposition" to Erie Canal safety that the "numbers" say the "Ayes have it... Safety WILL win on the Erie Canal"

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